At Munnis Law We Specialize in the Practice of these Areas of Law 

We treat your legal matter with the importance it deserves.


Immigration Law

stock-photo-16934361-passport-and-visa1With a large number of foreign-born residents living within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and living in Chester County, the need for professional legal representation for immigration issues is prevalent. Attorney James J. Munnis is well experienced in the field of immigration law and can provide sound legal advice and guidance to those dealing with immigration problems or issues. Jim Munnis has aided many foreign nationals who have desired to enter or remain the United States for a broad variety of reasons. 


Criminal Litigation

iStock 000017699359XSmallWe understand that being charged with any criminal offense can cause the individual stress and anxiety. We at Munnis Law will give you prompt advise and a thorough assessment of your specific case. We will guide you through the process, be it the Preliminary Hearing, the Discovery Process, Motions prior to Trial or the actual Trial itself. We will work hard to obtain the best possible result for you, be it a plea agreement, declination of prosecution. Acquittal, or trial.


Real Estate Law

iStock 000017285458XSmallWe provide assistance to both buyers and sellers of real estate, with the goal of making the transaction as smooth as possible, from the signing of the Purchase/Sale Agreement, through the due diligence period of inspections, up to and including the closing on the Property. Additionally, we provide advice and assistance in:


Civil Litigation

iStock 000004857545XSmallWe handle your case with the importance it deserves, and will evaluate all avenues of resolution, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and trial. We will work to assure you receive the highest possible amount for your claim, and will work with you from the initial contact through discovery and depositions, to the final settlement or judgment.